Wealth in Astrology – The Combinations that Can Make You Rich!

Most people who approach the astrologer belong to one or all of the following three categories.

The one who wants to know about health, the other who wants to know about wealth or the third kind who wants to know about the relationship problems. We have to agree that one can’t lead a happy life even if one of the above is missing, especially health and wealth. Today we will have a look at some unique planetary combinations and house significations that indicate wealth in astrology. So if you are interested in knowing about your future fortunes please read on.

Combinations for Wealth in Astrology as Mentioned in the Ancient Classical Texts of Jyotish

These wealth causing combinations in astrology can also be called as ‘Dhana Yogas’ or ‘Raj Yogas’. But please remember that one can’t blindly give conclusions about a person’s wealth just because some of the ‘Yogas’ present in the horoscope. You need to consider the planetary strengths, aspects, conjunctions, strength of the ascendant and most importantly stellar significance before giving the predictions. Now, let’s have a look at these Yogas.

  • The most important house to consider when we are assessing wealth in astrology is the 2nd house. The second house of your birth chart indicates wealth, family, and speech. So if a person has to enjoy wealth in his/her life having a strong 2nd house and the lord of the second house is very important. Benefic planets posited in the second house are a good indication of wealth provided the lord of the 2nd house is well placed too.
  • The lord of the 2nd house placed in the trines or quadrants along with the lord of the 4th and 11th house indicates great fortune.
  • 11th house lord in the 2nd house, 2nd house lord in the 11th house or both the house lords conjunct in a good house indicates great money and riches in life.
  • When the lord of the second house and eleventh house get related with the lords of the 1st, and/or 5th and/or 9th a great ‘Dhana Yoga’ is formed.
  • The lord of the second house conjunct with benefics or getting a good benefic aspect or hemmed between benefics shows great wealth.
  • The lord of the ascendant placed strongly in the birth chart with beneficial aspects and conjunctions shows a life dominated by health, wealth, and happiness.
  • The major significator planets of wealth are Venus and Jupiter. If they are placed well in the horoscope and have a good relationship with the second house andwealth in astrology its lord, it shows good fortunes.
  • Lagna lord in the second house gives wealth during his periods or sub- periods.
  • Lakshmi Yoga is formed when the lord of the 2nd house is powerful and the lord of the 9th house is either in its own house or exalted identical with a quadrant or trine without any malefic influences.
  • In the case of a man born during the daytime if the Sun, the Moon, and the Lagna are in odd signs, and in the case of a woman born during the night time if the Sun, the Moon, and the Lagna are in even signs, Mahabhagya Yoga is caused.
  • When Jupiter and Moon are in mutual quadrants in a birth chart GajaKesari Yoga is caused. What it means is that Jupiter or Moon should be in the 1st,4th,7th or the 10th house from the other.
  • Lord of the 2nd and 9th house in a Kendra or quadrant indicates wealth.
  • Benefics in 3rd,6th,10th or 11th houses when counted from the Moon sign, make one rich.
  • The conjunction of Moon and Mars produces wealth.

Indications for Wealth in Astrology according to the Stellar Technique of Prediction (Popularly known as KP system)

According to this system, it is not a single house, but a combination or group of houses that gives the result in life. So for considering wealth and fortune in a person’s life, we have to look at the significator of 2nd,6th,10th and 11th houses and look for the periods when they operate together.

  • Planets posited in the constellation of the occupants in the houses of 2,6,10 or 11 are the strongest to give wealth to a person.
  • Planets in the Sub of the planets that signify 2,6, or 11 can give immense riches provided they have no malefic relations or aspects.
  • If a malefic planet aspects the significator of the 2,6 or 11th houses, it will cause loss of wealth.
  • The planets in the constellations of the house lords of the 2nd, 6th, and 11th can give wealth in their mixed periods.

I feel these combinations mentioned above are more than sufficient for reference purposes if one wants to know how rich he or she can be in his/her life. If you want to know more about wealth and riches in your horoscope and want to know the best time period for you in the future, please contact me on my phone for consultations (Recent Update : Presently I am not taking any phone consultations).

Wish you luck.