Planets in Second House And Their Effects As Given In Vedic Astrology

In this post we will have a look at the effects caused by planets in second house of a vedic birth chart or a horoscope. As we always do, here is a note.The final predictions are given based on the total planetary configuration and not just the single planet in a house. The results will also vary depending on a planets exaltation, debilitation, the overall strength and conjunctions and aspects.

The second house signifies financial status, property, family and speech to a major extent. So it is needless to say here, that these are the things which will be affected by the placements, conjunctions and aspects of the planets in relation to the second house. When giving predictions related to the 2nd house we need to consider the house, Karaka or the significator, the lord of the house and the planets present in the house. Below are the effects of planets in second house which will be activated in the Dasha or the Antardasha period of that particular planet.

planets in second house

Planets in Second House And Their Effects on an Individual’s Life

Sun in the 2nd house –

This person might have to face a lot of problems with the government or the rulers and lose a lot of money. This is not a very good position for the Sun to be. This person may be stubborn and might have a ‘not so attractive’ face. He/she will have to put in a lot of hard work (physical) to earn money.

Moon in second house –

The  native will generally be happy and may share intimate bond with female members of his/her family. His/her earning may also involve females. Earning will be good and lot of wealth may be accumulated in the lifetime of the native. Chances of this person being an introvert/reserved kind, can’t be ruled out. Some people with this planetary configuration might suffer from squint eye. Generally he/she will be admired.

Mars in the second house –

Not a friendly person. May be indulged in frequent quarrels. Has the capacity to earn a good living. Generally people with such a horoscope will be miserly. Speech might be rude and hurt people at times. Gets attracted to evil people very fast.

Mercury in second house –

Knowledgeable, especially in religious scriptures. Will also be philosophical. Might make money with business and commercial indulgences. May also be interested in lecturing and teaching. Native will be clever and intelligent and will spend money on charity.

Jupiter in second house –

Indicates a person’s interest in astrology and writing. Enjoys wealth and family. Has a lot of friends and seldom gets involved in fights.

Venus in second house – 

Will be good looking. Enjoys health and wealth. Will have a loving spouse/life partner. Enjoys many kind of luxuries. May have a ancestral wealth and property. Generally leads a happy life. May also enjoy a big family and many children.

Saturn in second house – 

Will cause hardship to the native and money will be hard to come by, except in the case where the 2nd house is a Libra, Aquarius or Capricorn. The person will have a harsh speech and might have lot of enemies. Money can be made with business related to metals, garbage/waste management and man power (human resource management).

Rahu in second house – 

Might suffer from diseases related to eyes. May have an unpleasant face. Unhappy family situations may occur. The final outcome caused by this shadowy planet will depend on the aspects and conjunctions both good and bad.

Ketu in second house –

May produce results similar to Rahu in finances. This person may be spiritually inclined. Some people may be interested in hospital/medical fields and occult sciences.

These are mainly the outlines of the effects that may be seen in the major population due to the presence of above planets in second houses. Again, the entire picture can only be determined by the complete assessment of the horoscope as a whole and not from a single planet’s perspective.