Planets in First House of a Birth Chart and Their Effects

In this post we will have a closer look at the effects of different planets in first house of a horoscope or a birth chart. The 1st house of a birth chart indicates body, general health, childhood, general appearance and personality. It is the self. This particular hose is called the ‘Tanu Bhava’ for this reason.

When considering the effects of the first house we need to consider the following things

  • lord of the 1st house
  • planets aspecting the 1st house
  • planets occupying the 1st house
  • planets in association with the lord of the 1st house

Effects of Different Planets in First House of a Horoscope

(Please note that the final predictions are given based on the total planetary configuration and not just the single planet in a house. The results will also vary depending on a planets exaltation, debilitation, the overall strength and conjunctions and aspects.)

The effect of the planet in first house (or in that case in any house) gets activated during its Dasha and/or Antardashas (Period and Sub-period).

planets in first house

Sun in the 1st house –

Person may be courageous, slow, short sighted or defective sighted and cruel. If the Sun is in the 1st house in the Aries, the person may be rich. If the 1st house is a Leo (Simha) Sign and the Sun occupies it, there are chances of night blindness.  This person might have to travel and wander aimlessly is his/her life.

Moon in the 1st house-

The person may enjoy  bodily pleasures, luxuries and a great health. He/she might have a lot of servants catering to his/her needs. But the person might be dumb and stubborn. If the 1st house is Cancer (Karka) or Taurus (Vrishabha) the person enjoys wealth and riches. If the 1st house is an Aries house, the person may have many children.

Mars in the 1st house-

May have wounds or cuts in the body or might have to undergo surgery. May be deprived from the love of the mother and/or father. Chances of suffering from thieves, poison etc. If the Mars is present in the 1st house with the lord of the 4th or the 9th house, the person might suffer from health issues because of constant worry and depression.

Mercury in the 1st house –

Mercury in the 1st house results in  good health, name and fame, education and respect. The person may also have an immense interest in occult sciences.

Jupiter in the 1st house –

Results in richness, health and happiness.

Venus in the 1st house –

Makes the native skillful in sexual activities. Such a person finds it difficult to control his/her passions and might go against the social norms. May also be interested in different art forms.

Saturn in the 1st house –

May cause poverty, sickness in early life, unhygienic personality or disease. Speech might also suffer in some cases. If Moon conjoins Saturn in the 1st house it may cause insanity. But if Saturn occupies the 1st house which happens to be its Exaltation Sign or its own houses or  the Jupiter’s houses, then the person might be saved from poverty and enjoy wealth.

Rahu in the 1st house –

Person loses friends. May end up making lot of enemies and suffer ill health. Not very popular among relatives and may wander aimlessly from place to place.

Ketu in the 1st house –

Might suffer from health issues. May have interest in the science of self realization. Mind might be uneasy at times.